Baby Vox Re.v- Vol. 1


After years of waiting many Baby vox fans were happy to find out that a new second generation of girls were coming to be the next Baby Vox . The new girls show that they can sing. Well most of them at least. The album starts out with “never say goodbye” this is a good song but not really fulfilling. I found out the rest of the album is mainly fillers with old Baby Vox thrown in at the end. These new girls are very talent but there is just one thing that bothers me and that is the fact that I find nothing similar to the original Baby Vox these new girls are more sexual! I do not believe they should be using the same name. The album is a good listen and to anyone who wants to hear some old Baby Vox songs remixed this is a good listen. But i will reserve the rest of judgement of these girls once they release a new album with the two new members because this album was just ok.

This album recieves a 7/10.


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