Wonder Girls-The Wonder Years


Since the release of “tell me” the Wonder Girls have enjoyed great success. Their debut album The Wonder Years is a great album. And to all of you who think they cannot sing you are so wrong. These girls sing their hearts out on most of these songs. Sun Ye and Ye Eun are the ring leaders when comes to who sings the most on the album. Sun Mi is next and she has not been given enough of a outlet her vocals are very strong on the song “I wanna”. And yeah there is a big surprise Yoo Bin sings! Yes, and she sounds very amazing better than I expected. There is only one disappointment and that is Sohee do not get me wrong the girl can sing but if you get a chance to listen to the whole album and hear all the other girls it makes you think how she got in the band. Still Sohee and Sun mi are my favorites but i will say that this is a great album for anyone to listen to. Standout songs are “I wanna”, “Tell Me”, “Eebabo”,”Move”, “Wishing on a Star” and Irony.

This album receives a 9.5/10 


2 Responses

  1. […] The Wonder Girls are expected to have a new album out by the new year. So lets just hope it as good as the current album. […]

  2. I LOVE the song headache

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