Why is The Grace not so popular

listen to their talent and tell me why they aren’t so popular:

Tenjo chiki (Their japanese name)


4 Responses

  1. aye.. I’m a fan of CSJH and so sad that they aren’t that popular. Each member can sing and dance and do awesome live … they have talent oozing out of them but SM and Avex just doesn’t give them enough promotion *sigh* I think HBD,OK and Boomerang don’t show their vocal as much as their ballads such as My Everything, 5CM, Just for One Day (JaeJoong or Kyuhyun)

  2. Maybe SM and Avex will come to their sense and let them get the right amount of promotion

  3. i think its because their image is cute AND sexy, and the girls that could have been their fans get jealous by their sexy image (like me…)

  4. I LOVE CJSH THE GRACE!!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!! They could leave all the other sucky Korean groups like SNSD and Girls Generation in the dust if they were promoted better. They are so talented and they need to have their companie’s full attention

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