What Will be huge next year?

I think next year we will see a lot of activity from JYP entertainment with the success of the Wonder Girls he has set himself up to have a great year. JYP will introduce 3 new artist next year a super group(rival to super junior), and two new English singers (min, g-soul). I just hope the music is good.

Over at Sm i think they will focus more on making movies. BoA will release another Japanese album and prepare for he entrance into the U.S. market. I also think SM won’t have much planned.

YG entertainment will be busy working with Big Bang. I think that Big Bang will release another album besides the mini album coming out soon. Big Bang will become the hottest group in Korea and Japan although I think in Japan their success will be more tamed.

Other entertainment groups like DR Music and DSP Entertainment will need to work hard if they want success like they had in the 90s. Hopefully KARA will get more success and Baby Vox. Re.v releases a better album.

All together next year will be big with JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment.

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  1. taeyang im an Aboriginal student in australia and my two asian friends love you soooooooooo much and well its cary but i guess every one gets like that obsession is scary

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