BigBang’s TOP, GDragon, ad SeungRi DISCHARGED


Bigbang member TOP and GDRAGON who were hospitalized due to fatigue and exhaustion were discharged on 2Jan2008.
TOP and SEUNGRI received treatment and were discharged at 5pm 2 January.
While rehearsing for the ‘live’ KBS 2TV ” 2007 KBS Song Festival” on 30 Dec 2007 9.30pm, TOP fainted due to fatigue and was sent to hospital for treatment. And TOP could not join in the performance which only 4 members of BIGBANG performed.
Initially, TOP was told to hospitalize for another one week as he needed long term treatment.
However, TOP was recovering fast and thus, he got discharged today.
GDRAGON, who was receiving medical treatment together with TOP, got discharged as well.
Even though both members are discharged, they still need to rest for the time being before they are fully recovered. YG Entertaiment said that due to busy schedule, BIGBANG’s health was affected.
Hence, they will be given sufficient rest.

credits to bbcn chinese translation
translated by josephineeee @ soompi

~ gdbabygurl


Yay!! Finally, our boys are out.
sucks to spend the new years in the hospital
but hope they get lot of rest and get well soon.


8 Responses

  1. can i ask you something..i saw their myspace..but im not very sure if it’s real or not…..i heard it’s not b/c they’re too busy to have one..that is wat yg says (i heard) but you know anything bout this?? kinda down tat they were in the hospital..poor gd,v,and top…they’ve worked hard this year…it’s new year..and they have to spent it in the hospital..tat really suck!

  2. I don’t think that’s one
    cuz I don’t think they have one
    If they do, fansites of them will be posting that up and that page would be flooded
    so I dont’ think that that’s their real myspace.
    normally, korean stars that has a myspace is normally the ones that speaks english fluently, like brian from fly to the sky.

  3. me either i do not think they have a official myspace i would check out cyworld just to be sure

  4. get better soon guy .take care urself

  5. Hi TOP!how feel are you?I’m from mongolia.Maybe you are not know mongolia.I’ve never seen on you but i love you.I want meet you and i want see you your eyes.My dream is talk to you.So you won’t sick OK.If you sick my dream won’t!PLEASE TOP take good care of your health I love your allthings.AJA AJA good luck!

  6. aww that sucks. well no wonder i saw a live perfromance and he wasnt there with them and only four!? awww i should knew. err i thought he was just like sick but hospitalized poor top. goood thing he is gettin better ❤ much love to top and gdragon bby

  7. to bomaj: did you check their cyworld page? do they have a myspace account? I am so sick of all the fake pages posted by people pretending to be the stars.

    thanks for the info!

  8. hi ilove gdragon

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