What is holding KPOP artist form entering the US Market?

Well I personally believe it is the whole english thing. Also, there are many artist who enter the US market who speak English but do not become famous. Artist like Rain and Se7en who are all susposed to make their debut this year might want to make sure their English and music is up to par. Since they will battling with big names like Janet Jackson, Usher, Mariah Carey for hit records this year. Hopefully their music is good enough that the English doen’t matter but we will see.

~Boma J


3 Responses

  1. ENGLISH is a must!

    Some stupid Korean artists enter the US without at least mastering English.

    No one’s gonna buy their albums if people can’t sing along with them or at least understand them.

    Americans audiences are HARD to please. Koreans artists should keep that in mind. They’ll just be wasting money if they don’t know the BASICS.

  2. PLUS to be honest most Americans think that ASIAN MUSIC is corny.

  3. People are close-minded!! That’s one of the things that’s keeping good foreign bands from coming to the US. People can’t accept that other countries speak different languages and to things different from us. And that they have different ideas of what’s popular. Me and my friends get picked on for liking foreign music just because they don’t dress like us.

    I personally don’t like it when foreign bands want to come to the U.S. and they start learning English and making to make English songs. I mean I’ll still like them, but it’s the different language that got me interested in the first place. I understand that they need to know at least enough to greet people and communicate, but I wish they wouldn’t change their songs just to become popular in the states…

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