Big Bang Coffee Prince Translation

<Credit Big Bang Korean>

GD: I…came to get a job
TOP: He looks good enough to work here, Do you think he’ll be good enough for this coffee shop?
DS: He’s cute
SR: Isn’t he a girl
TOP: Do you have anything that you could do well? Like a parody!
GD: Of course!
TOP: Try hard starting from today
GD: YES! (okay!)
SR: You have to get dressed and get to work, let’s go follow me!

SR: OH! my yong yong, how can the clothes fit you so well, aww your so cute!
TOP: Oh hyung! Why are you here all of a sudden?
TY: You didn’t hear from boss yang? I’m now a manager of coffee prince.
DS: So he’s become a manager?…OH~ manager~ meet jiyong
GD: hello~
TY: hi…
GD: Don’t say if I’m a boy or girl
TOP: You guys know each other?
TY: Oh yes, very well

GD: OH! I’m sorry
TOP: gosh…(because he got pi on his fingers)
GD: sorry, sorry, sorry
TOP: It’s okay we’re both guys anyways
GD: sorry sorry
TOP: shh~ don’t say anything

TOP: What are you doing?
(milk carton: What is the flavor of jiyong)
GD: (In his mind) You shouldn’t have met me, because now it makes me want to tell my true self

SR: My yong, AHH~ Our yong yong is the best! so cute

SR: I know you were shaken by your feelings for jiyong
TY: You were shaken too, but why can’t I be and you can be?
SR: We came this far and your going to be shaken right now? You say you were shaken a little and it wasn’t a big deal? Do you know how hurt I was?
TY: I’m really sorry, but it wasn’t anything serious I was only shaken a little it isn’t a big deal
SR: How can being shaken and having real feelings be different, I really don’t know
TY: Don’t go let’s take a picture
SR: Try to take a good picture and use photo shop

GD: I said I was going to make it exciting for you
TOP: I said I was busy
GD: ah~ boss~
TOP: How are you going to make me happy/ excited?
GD: umm…(kisses top)
TOP: What are you doing?!?!
GD: If you didn’t like it why did you close your eyes?
TOP: eyes closed…because of your bad breath! sh*t
TOP: What are you doing?!?!
TOP: What is this?…
GD: truthfully…
TOP: Say it isn’t true. You lied to me? LIE!
GD: Boss!~

GD: Let’s break up
TOP: You don’t know what I’m thinking and what I want?
GD: I like you. I said I love you! I’ll quit the store if you tell me to quit, but still keep on paying me
TOP: I’ll tell you this once so listen carefully. It doesn’t matter if your a guy or alien, I like you. Let’s go as far as we can, let’s move on with this!

translations by dropdeadgorgeous@ygbb foru


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