Recommendation: Be My 1004 MV

What can i say? I like them and i like the tempo. Idea Maker or better know is iM are consists of 3 dashing members: LeeHan, Big Tone and and PilKang. The first digital single was Be My 1004 (featuring Narcia from Brown Eyed Girls) and it was released on 3rd January 2007. Yuri from Girl Friends was also featured in the digital single.

My first impression on this group was the music. The mixing sound of beatboxing + a lil’ bit of synthesizer+ HipHop that makes this music sounds refreshing. Also, BIg Tone was the featuring artist/rapper in “Maybe I Love You” by Girl Friends. Am guessing that they boys have been around in the industry for quite awhile and up till last year, they decided to come out from the closet and form themselves a group 🙂 Cheers to that.

I can’t wait for the album to come although i am not too sure when as news on the boys are very limited.


L to R : LeeHan + Big Tone + PilKang


3 Responses

  1. woah i love them already (: great upbeat song xD
    i was feeling alil down today and this pumped up my mood! 😀
    cant wait for their album ^_^

  2. omg omg omg
    i love iM to bad their is not enough info out there of them man
    that sucks to bad ugh
    but then thanks for posting them up here i love them
    i love be my 1004 <—–that song is so amazing
    and i just love the remakes of
    im coming – Bi
    sexy back – justin timberlake
    billy jean – micheal jackson
    in the end – linkin park
    golly what else was there
    but all those vids they did was just soo amazing i just love them all i just hope that they come out with an album if not then maybe another single would be great!!!!

  3. OH `EM GEE!!! I love their song “Be My 1004”!!!!
    It’s so good!! I can’t believe that I just know about them now!!!

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