Recommendation: Yesterday Different From Today MV

Kim Ji Eun is apart of the YG Entertainment. She debuted in 2007. I thought this MV is brilliant. Such a good performance yet so sad by actress 구혜선 of kdrama Pure 19. Watching this made me cry. The power of Ji Eun’s voice made it more realistic, even though it was already realistic enough. To lose your love one is the hardest moment to forget.


4 Responses

  1. great but sad mv

  2. i love this song..she’s very talented 🙂

  3. so sad and intense.
    why didn’t the firefighters rescue the guy too?

    seriously, is there only like ONE firefighter or something?
    they could have gotten him out….

    *sigh* i guess that’s how music videos work…

  4. @Rachael: i know! i wish they save the guy too, but i guess thats how the mv was design to be 😥

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