JPOP: Kumi Koda’s Drama


Recently Kumi Koda recently stated that she wanted children but wanted to have them before she was 35 because she believes that women begin to be infertile. Her websites was stripped to the bare minimum and all album promotion have been cancelled or suspended. Now what she said could have offended some but really to get rid of her performances is a little much. I just hope that her upcoming tour doesn’t get cancelled because of this.


3 Responses

  1. The sad thing is that I thought that was true

  2. it is true actually learned about it in my biology class

  3. Thats why i dont see why the whole big deal is! she was saying the truth and she wasnt dissing anybody. im vietnamese, so i know how asians act, and they freak out about everything ahahhaa literally, not all, but most.

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