Kumi Koda – Kingdom Review


This is a great album period. Even though she is going through troubles right now this album proves she still got it. When I first heard of Koda she was doing “1000 no Kotoba” or “1000 words” however you like to say it. Anyway i was blown away about her unique voice. I tracked down most of her videos later on and found there was a lot more about her.

This is album is better than her previous album “Black Cherry” when i received “Black Cherry” as a gift I was excited but when i listened to it i was very disappointed so when I got “kingdom” i hoped that it was better. And yes it is. This album is more j-RnB than her last effort the highlights of the album are:(the songs not released before)

  • Last Angel feat/ Tohoshinki(DBSK) i didn’t like this song at first but it is really good once you give it a good listen
  • Amai Wana- “Don’t touch me” are the words i remember from this song and it reminds me of her song “shake” just a little
  • Black Cherry- Is just very amazing to me. This is a extension of her intro from her last album.

This album is a great listen no matter who you are and if you are fan kpop this is a great starter album into the JPOP world

This album receives a- 10/10


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  1. i love her .she is a great singer.i love her colaboration with tvxq

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