Film REview: 200 Pounds Beauty

“200 pounds Beauty”
What we like: Singing done by the actress, great acting, theme, comedy.
We don’t like: This could’ve been a great series!
Theme: Love yourself for who you are.
“200 pounds beauty” is a story about Kang Hannah a singer who is on the heavy side who doesn’t get noticed so she has plastic surgery done. Once her surgery she lives as “jenny” and becomes a big star until realizing that she has better being the “ugly,fat girl”. I like the movie becomes it deals with the theme of loving yourself for who you are and it has good comedic since throughout the whole film
This film receives a: A+

2 Responses

  1. this movie is such a great movie, infact this is one of my favorite, the story have a meaning full sequences that makes the story good..

  2. 200 Pounds Beauty is one of my favorite movies that i would love to watch over and over again. It is a funny and romantic movie. It shows that everyone has there own good qualities, no matter how they look.

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