Hyunah will be comingback

Since Hyunah left the Wondergirls I have been wondering what she will do. I mean being a celebrity and then suddenly not being one must be very hard. But I hear she is coming back maybe as a Singer or a Actor. It isn’t known if she has stayed with JYP or left. Also didn’t she leave for health reason? So i wonder if she can act. I mean we have all seen the original version of “tell me” and she was suppose to be the start so I wonder if she had been the star of the video if she would have the spotlight that Sohee has now. Just wondering! So what do you think! COMMENT! COMMENT! COMMENT!


3 Responses

  1. yeah i was wondering the same too.. but i don`t think “tell me” would`ve had that much success if she was still in it… i saw her version, and i liked sun mi starting off the song better.. those vocals weren`t right for her and the dance looked very akward… they sadly only realized it after she left and had to do some modifications… but i wish her the best… she`s trully wonderfurl.. hopefully she can come back as an actress, she does have that comedic timing

  2. I got news for you. She’s debuting in a new group this year in Cube Enertainment apparently the sister of JYP company, I think April. She’s in a labelmate’s video (AJ – kind of reminds you of Rain and Se7en) called Dancing Shoes although there’s only a teaser but I hope you enjoy.

  3. This is quite a up-to-date info. I’ll share it on Delicious.

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