Two new Groups to challenge Wonder Girls and SNSd

New Groups in Kpop are coming up a lot now so here have two new girl groups:

I guess they will be here to rival the Wonder Girls we will see they are called Miso.

This Girl Group to the belowis called THE B and i guess they are here 4 SNSD.

As always we will keep u up 2 date.


5 Responses

  1. Wat? The b cannot compete with snsd or wg! And touchs havent even debute yet

  2. wtf miso could never compete with snsd or WG cuz their song rnt stong enough and it sounded like some chinese song and no offense but their voices rnt strong enough too..

  3. nah they both suk wg n snsd are moe better

  4. all of them are LOSERS!!! hahahahah!!! POOR!!!
    2ne1 is really the best..! no matter what they did, they won’t beat 2ne1….we really love 2ne1 here in the philippines!

  5. they are all UGLY!!! hahahah!!!!
    they look like MAIDS….!!! hahahah!

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