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This album serves as a great fix for the Wonder Girls. I only wished that girls had spent some time and made this a full album. The songs still have a 80s vibe to them but the “you’re out” has a more 70s vibe to it.

So hot: Great title track. Very catchy and after 3 listen you are going to be hook if you havent already been!!! This song brings the Tell Me fever back.

This Time: This ballad is very very good. I actually like no LOVE Yoobin’s voice when she is singing its just so soothing something she do more on future albums.

You’re Out: Reminds of song from their first album just cannot think of the name, but good. The song is just a little forgetful.

Tell me (rap v.): Is great to finally here the track with Yoobin on it. I still do not understand how the track got removed from their first album. The song  is still good.

This album is great, and I know its a mini-album but it just feels so short for one maybe next time they can do like Big Bang and add a intro or something!

Its getting a B+


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