Wondergirls New 6th Member?

hmmm. All kpop.com is reporting that the wonder girls will get another member this would be the 7th member to join over all but would take a new 6th member spot.


4 Responses

  1. there are three possible candidates: 1. hyuna 2. kim shin young 3. JOO. I really hope that it is Hyuna b/c that would definitely raise the bar for WG’s already immensed popularity, not to mention successfully complete the group.

    Many ppl feel that WG is better left as a 5 member group b/c Yoobin is a better rapper, but what they don’t realize is that Hyuna was originally supposed to be a backup vocalist. Since noone else rapped better than Hyuna at the time they debut, and they needed someone to pull off the sexy rapper image, hyuna reluctantly took the rapper position. But she is very versatile b/c we’ve all seen how great her rapping, dancing and singing skills were. she was already rumored to be added as a 6th member when they did the Cyon Bboy Commercial, maybe JYP is testing the water by letting WG do another CF featuring Hyuna. If all goes well, I have a feeling that she’ll be added back into the group, now that her health has returned.

    Regarding the other two candidates, I have no idea how their names got onto the list. Possible trainees maybe? But I think it’d make more sense and create more hype if they are doing the CF with Hyuna. I would support WG ALL THE WAY if this were to be true =D

  2. What!? REALLY?!

  3. not happening.

  4. ReLlY

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