the ups and downs is it good?

Well Shinee is amazing! They are being groomed to be the next THSK (dbsk) and they can very well be that if they keep up what they are doing. The album is pretty good for the most part but it gets very slow and never picks up again. Their voices are great all of them.

Onew – on the album he reminds me of Daesung with his tone.

Jonghyun– reminds of Hero from dbsk his voice really stands out

Key– is like Uknow or YB his voice fits right on everysong and usually steals the spotlight on the songs

Taemin– is like Seungri his voice might not be the best in the group but where they put him he sounds great

Minho– Is all himself i think out of all the members he is the most underrated his singing voice is very deep and when you catch your like” who is that”  they make him rap at the end of songs for the most part but in the future he needs to be more prominent

The songs on the album are great, the most stand out song is “Romantic” every member is at their best Taemin sounds like a man on some of his parts and Key is very prominent which is great because his voice is great.

The album is getting a A- get the album, but if u dont like chill songs they you wont like the album that much. The album starts off with the bass heavy things and slows down.


2 Responses

  1. i love shine 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i have this album from my friend who went to Korea this summer. I love all of the songs. my favorite has to be Real. the beat and composition of the song is amazing. Jonghyun rocks his voice is great too. 😀

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