ss501-ur-manTriple S is the name of the first SS501 sub-group with members Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, and Hyung Joon. Is there debut album any good?

The album begins with the American Hip-hop soul song “Want It” the song sounds like a song that belongs in the club. All the members sing with a “attitude” that gives it a little more flare. My only problem with that song is that it is only two and a half minutes long. Why?

Then we get into “UR Man” the song used to promoted the album and it is pretty good. The song is very catchy and brings a kinda retro feel to it. The song features great vocals and isn’t too long or too short. Even thought it is the promotional track i think they would have been better using it as a back song. Like maybe the second song to be promoted.

The third song is the cutesy RnB song “The One” it was promoted with Ur Man in the beginning of promotions. And the song is a winner. If they would have debuted as a subgroup last summer they could of had a another number one with this song. The bridge also features a short auto tuned Joon and makes the song sound better. The song sounds like a song you would listen to as you drive down PCH highway at 80mph with your loved one beside you.

Next we are treated to “Sarangingeoyo” a ballad!! The voice of Young Saeng is at its peak with this song. His voice is justo so perfect ofr ballads. My only problem with this song is that the song has the generic ballad form in kpop: it starts low then there is “dun dun dun” with the drums and a biggish type of chorus that leads up to amazing bridge. Overall great song.

“Never let you go” returns us to RnB these boys sound like they have a thing for late 90s RnB and that is alright with me since I love 90s RnB!! The song features a great Chorus that features them singing fast and slow. My favorite line of the song is ” one, two, three and go” The harmonization of the guys sounds great hear.

For the final album we are given “I am” another urban pop song from the guys.  It is pretty standard. It is ok i mean it is ok they put it at the end because that is where it belongs. It just sounds like a song that goes at the end of an album.

Overall buy the album!!! I did and i like it!!!

Favorite Tracks

Want It

The One


3 Responses

  1. Awsome album! Thanks for the review.

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  3. I very like ss501 album’s… I like Jung Min.. Jung Min is very baby for me… His face like a little baby… I love You Jung Min oppa….

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